The Firm

YMI Attorneys is a law firm founded by a group of professional, dedicated law specialists based in Pietermaritzburg. At YMI attorneys, we have only the best attorneys who have years of experience in Law, Convenyancing, Debt Counselling and more. The dedicated staff at YMI Attorneys ensures that all clients always get what they want.

YMI Attorneys specialise mainly in conveyancing, debt counselling, commercial and family law.

Aims And Objectives

The firm aims to target, promote and to pitch to Estate Agents, Developers for Sectional Title as well as conventional developments, for all conveyancing matters.

Community Outreach and Development

YMI Attorneys strive to build communities with sustainable projects and to uplift disadvantaged rural communities so that they are able to achieve financial independence, YMI Attorneys also strive to promote seminars in women empowerment.